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Wed, 19 Oct



OSLO (8)

Oslo is strategically located in our itinerary and a natural stop, especially since Oslo was Europe's environmental capital in 2019 and is the capital of the world with the most electric cars in relation to the number of inhabitants. Oslo is a beloved capital, of all! Both the inhabitants themselves, but also the tourists.

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OSLO (8)
OSLO (8)


19 Oct 2022, 19:00

Oslo, Oslo, Norway

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Oslo (between 1624 and 1925 - Christiania, from 1877/1897 also written Kristiania) is Norway's capital and largest city. The county and the city municipality are located in the central eastern region, in the innermost part of the Oslo Fjord.

Oslo is characterized by proximity to forests and fields and by a rich flora and fauna. About 2⁄3 of the municipality's area consists of forests, green areas and water outside the urban development itself, which gives a population density of around 5,000 inhabitants per km² in the built-up part of the municipality.

In 2017, Oslo was named Europe's environmental capital 2019 by the European Commission, which follows from the municipality's ambitious climate and environmental policy. Oslo won in competition against other cities such as Ghent, Lahti, Tallinn, and Lisbon.

Oslo is also called Tigerstaden , mainly by people from out of town. The starting point for the nickname is apparently Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson's poem "Siste sang" from Digte og Sange (1870). In the poem, "tiger" is used symbolically for a ruthless metropolitan society (implicitly Christiania) that attacks a "horse of the country" (implicitly Bjørnson) during ovations from "the people"

According to Snorri's royal saga, Kaupstaden Oslo was founded around the year 1048 by King Harald Hardråde.

When Norway was separated from Denmark in 1814, Christiania became the capital of the independent state of Norway

Oslo is a green city. The city's low density is utilized for tree planting in the streets, front gardens, and small green areas where the opportunity arises. A network of hiking trails connects the parks and connects the city to the countryside.


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