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Tue, 18 Oct




It is clear we are going to visit Copenhagen. Denmark's capital and a beloved city by Norwegians and Swedes. Further from Copenhagen, the trip goes over the famous bridge that almost ends in Sweden's southernmost city, Malmö.

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18 Oct 2022, 13:00

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and the country's largest urban area, consisting of 18 municipalities, the Capital Region.

Copenhagen is also the center of the Øresund region, which includes Malmö, Sweden (next stop on the itinerary).

To get from Copenhagen to Malmö, you drive over the spectacular Øresund Bridge, which can be seen from afar, regardless of whether you come by sea, air or land.

Competence industries in the Øresund region kept pace with innovation and biotechnology.

Copenhagen is located on Zealand's east coast and is connected to a network of bridges, roads and tunnels.

You know the history of Copenhagen dating back to about the year 800.

In the Middle Ages, the town was called Køpmannæhafn in Old Danish. That means the merchants' port. The strategic location in the Sound was of great importance for trade in the area.

The element hafnium originated in 1923 at the Niels Bohr Institute and the name comes from the Latin Hafnia, which is part of the capital's name.


Copenhagen has a Smart City Program.


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