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In eRally Scandinavia we will meet many who are interested in electric cars. Both participants and their team, but also people who are interested in seeing the participating cars and not least get information about electric car, electric car maintenance, home charging and charging in general.

There is also a lot going on in the municipalities where we are going to stop. Mobility and environmental friendliness go hand in hand and it is exciting for people to get an insight into the plans that will be realized in the future. A lot of new things are happening and a good flow of information is a must to get positivity for what is to come.

By participating as a sponsor and / or exhibitor at the pop-up events, your company gets a fantastic opportunity to show off and market exactly what people need to know.

We offer many different sponsorship packages, so that small and large can participate. Ultimately, it is the consumer who is in focus. Do we all agree on that?


Click on the image above to download the pdf.

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